Modular I.C.U Conceptual Solutions

Specializing in the design of Modular operating rooms, we also provide modular system solution for intensive care units.

To improve and suggestions

BOE MEDICAL proposes the aspects of environmental design, focus on in the suggestions for improvement. This includes problem indications and design solution proposals related to the visual -,acoustic -, and spatial environment, that are based on a combination of a total I.C.U conceptual solution.

Focus on the I.C.U

The aim is to offer and design, our I.C.U improves the patient sleep comfort.

  • Departmental relationships – Reduce Travel Time for Staff
  • Routing – Prevent Disorientation
  • Geometry – Visibility vs. Walking distance vs. View
  • Unit size – Visibility
  • Enclosures – Privacy vs. Observation (Visibility)
  • Centralized vs. Decentralized Nurse Stations – Reduce walking distance
  • Offer the state of the art , new health care technologies
  • Respect of applicable safety norms
  • Fight against infection

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