Automatic doors

Hermetical Sliding Doors

  • Hermetical & Automatic sliding doors
  • Automatic swing doors
  • Reopening on obstacle in closure
  • Stop on obstacle at opening
  • Emergency battery in case of supply failure
  • Motorized electrical lock
  • Adjustable opening and closing speed Adjustable opening and closing force adjustable hold open time
  • Easy coming function

double swing doors

  • One or Two leaf swing doors – 62 mm
  • Automatic and manual
  • Door leaf material : Aluminum, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel
  • Door frame material : Aluminum
  • Door filling : Rock mineral wool and Aluminum Honeycomb
  • Door leaf color : SELECTABLE
  • Door handles – stainless steel
  • Hinges – aluminum
  • Magnet built into the door leaf

Automatic Single Swing Door

One leaf Swing door

Opening: automatic

S.Steel finish door

Door frame dimension : 1000 х 2100 / 62 mm

Addition for inox door – AISI 316

Filling: mineral wool (density 100 kg/m³, thickness 60/80 mm, A1 non-flammability class according to DIN 4102-1) / aluminium honeycomb

Door leaf colour: option

Mounting: overall door thickness is same as wall thickness Door handles and hinges: stainless steel “Drop seal” at the under side completely heads off air leakage. Door are designed to maintain overpressure in the room.

Swing doors is manufactured in accordance with EU GMP and ISO 14644 norms. Maximum mounting height 3 meter.

With Automatic MECHANISN for one Swing door comprising :

  • Door Mechanism AGB-85.1 GRUPSA with arm or rail
  • Aluminium cover with Waldoor design L= STANDARD
  • Units mounted on l basic plate with length = STANDARD
  • Electronic safety reverse (active during opening and closing of the door)
  • DIN left/right, push arms (pull arm not possible) doors are to small
  • Automatic Smart door technology
  • Bottom stops
  • Aluminium silver anodized cover


Swing area detector HR94, silver built-up For safe swing opening

Uniscan infrared presence detector

Open door with pneumatic foot switch.

Automatic MECHANISN for one Swing door

Different color option

Pneumatic Foot Switch

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