Hand Washbasins

Hand Washbasins

For a reduced budget thanks to controlled production costs.
BOE MEDICAL offers you the HYGIE II model, which fits easily into small spaces and has a deep tank to limit the risk of splashes. Recommended for Care rooms, recovery rooms, wards, corridor doors, dental surgeries, laboratories, consultation rooms, and examination rooms.

Technical Specifications

  • All rounded edges – no sharp corners
  • ergonomic shapes facilitating cleaning and disinfection
  • Rear backsplash preventing splashes against the wall
  • Functional rear backsplash: room for 2 elbow soap holders
  • Double-layer sanitary polyester/gel coat medical sink
  • 3 controls are offered: femoral control, elbow control, electronic control
  • Flow-adjustable shut-off valve
  • Polypropylene siphon diam. 32
  • Flexible PEX

Disposable Water Filters

Terminal filtration cartridge for all germs.

  • Anti-legionella and all-germ filter for taps and exposed showers, shower spray
  • Device material: ABS
  • Type of membrane: tubular microfiltration
  • Membrane material: Polyethylene
  • Qualified water volume per duration of use: 3,000 liters
  • Space saving, suitable for taps with a low spout
  • Maximum upstream pressure at the point-of-use: 5 bar
  • Maximum lifespan: 1 month after installation.



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