Sound protection
Acoustic panels for offices and open spaces

Product description

We can provide privacy protection systems and flexible partitions for healthcare facilities.


  • Privacy and noise protection for offices.
    Under the brand name DIVI line, soundproofing office solutions with room-dividing, visual and soundproofing functions.
    Thanks to their modular design, an appropriate solution for improved room acoustics can be found for virtually every requirement.
  • DIVI put.on is a unique concept of acoustic walls. As you can see on these pictures, it’s easy to build, quick to dismantle and fast to convert !

DIVI Line products

DIVI Put.on

Modular soundproofing & privacy screen.

Multifunctional | easily assembled, dismantled and converted



One profile for all applications.

Multifunctional | adaptable | self standing concept


DIVI smart

Acoustic partitions | Office and desk dividers.

Light | Flexible | inexpensive | self standing concept


« We make privacy protection systems and flexible partitions for healthcare facilities »

Products specifications


The lower the noise level, the greater the wellbeing and ability to concentrate. The cubes are made from a 94 mm thick, 100% polyester acoustic fleece and a 2 mm thick, 100% wool felt cover, resulting in a rated sound absorbtion coefficient of αω=1.00


DIVI Cube is real all rounder when it comes to partition walls and divider systems. The idea is that designer universal profiles can be equipped with sound-insulating filling plates in all four directions with little effort. Panels are made from 100% PET fibre. Pressed to 25 mm thick inherently stiff plates with an all-round ABS edge in grey felt look.


The Lightweight amongst sound absorbers is the perfect match for every office landscape. The elements are made from 100% PET fibres. Pressed into inherently stiff 25 mm panels with circumferential ABS edge in felt grey.

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